What is science comedy?

Science comedy can take many forms. For Kasha, she combines her chemistry background and love for science with stand-up comedy. Her nerdy science act (in both PG-13 and non-PG-13 versions) is filled with jokes about scientific studies, physics, chemistry, math, and scientists - making it truly science-themed comedy.

She recently co-authored a study, which tested if the legitimacy and funniness of a science joke changes based on the gender, race and job title of the communicator. The study, "Humor Can Increase Perceived Communicator Effectiveness Regardless of Race, Gender, and Expertise—If You are Funny Enough," was published in the journal of Science Communication

Kasha began performing science jokes when she produced the first "Science Comedy Night" in Washington D.C. in July 2014, and it's been a blast ever since. She continues to produce Science Comedy Night in D.C. periodically and brings in scientists and comedians from around the country. Each show is unique and has featured stand-up, songs, funny stories, hilarious PowerPoints, and improv performed by scientists, comedians, and science enthusiasts.

Why did the scientist cross the road?

Kasha discusses the utility in combining science and comedy on NPR's "Short Wave."

interview on bbc

Kasha discusses science comedy on BBC World News.