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For the first time, citizen science observations are being used in a concerted effort to track auroras in real-time thanks to a new project called Aurorasaurus.

Citizen Scientists Help NASA Researchers Understand Auroras

NASA scientists use their ears instead of eyes to process data more rapidly -- and detect more details – for large data sets.

More Than Meets the Eye: NASA Scientists Listen to Data

Several artistic geniuses also tend to have psychosis. This article explores the link between being exceptionally creative and also having a psychosis.

Crazy and Creative?
The Comment, Boston University College of Communications

Community health workers in rural Kenya spread public health messages to literate and illiterate residents through song, dance, and theater.

Playing for Change
Pamoja Together

A team of scientists are using data from NASA satellites to design an automated system to quickly identify landslides that often go undetected and unreported.

Using NASA Data to Automatically Detect Potential Landslides in Nepal

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