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Living with AIDS

Jackie Atieno is a community health worker in the Butere district in western Kenya. After finding out she was HIV positive, she decided to publicly announce her status, but did not initially receive a lot of support from her peers. When her CD4 count went down, Atieno began antiretroviral therapies (ARVs) to help suppress the HIV virus. Now, Atieno helps other members of her community in revealing their HIV status to the public, motivating them to keep hope, and encouraging them to get proper treatment. (May 2013, www.PamojaTogether.com)


Why is the US healthcare system ranked 37th in the world?

I talk with a few people on the streets of Cambridge, Mass to learn why they think the US healthcare system is ranked 37th in the world. Professor Frank Feeley, who teaches at the Boston University School of Public Health, provides expertise on why the United States healthcare system is ranked low, despite a large government expenditure on the system.

Good dog! Bad dog!

I report on what motivates animals to be good or bad, and how it’s connected to human behavior. The piece was also played on WBUR’s World of Ideas.